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ordinary people sharing our love of food and drink
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Food Trucks
Bye bye roach coach. Hello mobile gourmet. Food trucks are in. Dine fine al fresco all over the region.
Pub Crawl
Ethnic Eats
Video Series 
Suppose a Martian (or a distant cousin) came to New England from outer space and asked you where were the BEST places to eat, drink, get romantic (okay, that would be wierd) and go to school. What would you say? Check out our contributors' contributions...or become one yourself. Upload a video (see contact page for how to do this) and tell the Martian (or your cousin) exactly where to get off. You know what we mean. 
It's a dirty job, but SOMEBODY has to report on NE's best pubs and get driven home in a taxi. Boo hoo.
Curry, Tex-Mex, Asian, Ethiopian -- this stuff is now as American as Ramen Noodles. Check it out.
Campus Cafes
Date Night
How bad can it be? How good can it get? How late can you nosh? Is it fresh or frozen? Find out.
Let's face it. We all know what a great meal is supposed to lead to, don't we? Yes. A check from your server. What were YOU thinking?