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ordinary people sharing our love of food and drink
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Contact: Roberto Mighty 617-965-7022 (studio) 617-921-3165 (mobile) (email)

Wednesday, January 4th, Brookline, MA

Food New England YouTube Channel
New web portal features “Ordinary People Sharing Their Love of Food & Drink”

Food New England is a new regional HD video channel that takes the notion of crowdsourcing to a delicious new level. Content centers around ordinary people -- not culinary pros -- cooking, grilling and baking in their own homes and sharing video visits to their favorite restaurants, pubs, food shops and specialty stores.

Creator/Publisher Roberto Mighty says “Food New England is about ‘Real People’ and their relationship to food in their everyday lives. Everybody is an expert about what they like to put into their mouths, and what our untrained video performers may lack in polish, they more than make up for in passion, authenticity and excitement around food.”

Food New England consists of a dedicated video channel on YouTube, a web site, a Facebook page and coming soon, iPhone/Android Apps, a Twitter feed, daily live video updates and content in Spanish.

The YouTube channel had a beta launch in mid-November with no fanfare, no promotion and no publicity. As of today the Channel has over 30 videos, 15 Personalities and over 7,500 video views. A promotional campaign begins in Q1 2012.

Food New England is dedicated to diversity in food and on camera. Roberto, of African-American and Latino heritage himself, is very sensitive to capturing the full flavors of our region:

“Can we please get beyond scrod and baked beans? Seriously. New England is now truly diverse, with folks coming here from all over the world (Vietnam, India, Colombia, Thailand, Ethiopia, Russia, China, Greece, Haiti, etc.) to live, work, open up restaurants and markets, and most of all -- drive us insane with delicious flavors. Food New England is all about capturing this complete view of traditional + modern New England via lively videos, produced in-house by our professional team and submitted by food fans.”

The first two months of Food New England programming offers a high school teacher’s visit to a Vietnamese restaurant for Pho (noodle soup) in Portland, Maine; a personal trainer’s jones for extra-cheese pizza in Lawrence; a restaurant manager’s perfect Bloody Mary in Ashland; a visit to an Ethiopian restaurant in Boston; a primer on Garlic Linguine from a college administrator in ArlingtonFood Trucks in Boston; how to cook Eggplant Parmigiana from a financial auditor in Milton; how to use a rice cooker from a teacher in Wilmington; a private investigator’s visit to a Moroccan restaurant in Charlestown; and talent ranging from an 8-year old girl making a frittata to a 59-year old poet making red pepper chicken hash.

People who want to try cooking on camera or hosting video visits to their favorite food places can contact Food New England directly. Meanwhile, recruitment is going on via postings at colleges, workplaces, neighborhoods, supermarkets, etc.