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ordinary people sharing our love of food and drink
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9 AM - 5 PM
9 AM - 5 PM
9 AM - 5 PM
Join us as we build the best food channel in New England!

1. Get a friend to video you, or you can video yourself cooking, gardening, brewing, dining out (get the restaurant/bar owner’s permission, please) etc.; upload the clips to YouTube, and send us the link and embed codes. If chosen, your video will go live on Food New England (FNE) and you can be automatically entered to win valuable coupons and prizes from food-related businesses! We reserve the right to edit the pieces we choose before placing them on the FNE YouTube channel.

2. Professional staff from FNE will film selected folks cooking, gardening, etc. in their own homes.

3. Audition to host news segments, including tours of your favorite spots to dine, imbibe, garden or forage.

4. Food-related Nonprofits can apply to have feature or news segments filmed about them. These would usually be underwritten by a sponsor or advertiser.

5. Food entrepreneurs, manufacturers, etc., can advertise on the new Food New England site and have infomercials filmed by our professional staff on the Food New England YouTube channel.

6. Restaurateurs can sponsor their own Chefs, Sommeliers and Bartenders in regular infomercial series on the FNE YouTube channel.

7. Brands can apply to host regular workshop segments filmed by our professional staff.

8. Bloggers: Pitch us on why your writing should be featured on Food New England.
Phone. 617.965.7022