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ordinary people sharing our love of food and drink
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About Food New England
Can we please get beyond scrod and baked beans? Seriously. New England is now truly diverse, with folks coming here from all over the world (Vietnam, India, Colombia, Thailand, Ethiopia, Russia, Greece, even Texas) to live, work, open up restaurants and markets, and most of all -- drive us insane with delicious flavors. Food New England is a video channel about the diverse, delicious foods of our region and how all kinds of people integrate food into our lives. Much of it from a 20-something perspective...irreverently, with humor and authenticity.

We stress fabulously unfussy deliciously simple ethnically inspiring naturally traditional tasty easy to find wholesome exciting sexily single coupled solo family friendly twentysomething grandma’s ingredients barhopping sustainably local internationally informed socially conscious gardening dining cooking socializing and imbibing. In New England.  Okay? Join us.
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Food New England's creator and publisher is Roberto Mighty, a man who began eating shortly after birth.

Roberto started by creating and Executive Producing Food New England as a weekly television series in 1995 on WABU TV 68, airing for 26 episodes; then moved to ABC-Affiliate WCVB-TV Channel 5, broadcasting as a series of prime time TV specials for four years, hosted by EMMY-Award winning newscaster Natalie Jacobson and featuring celebrity chefs and food experts Jacques Pepin, Todd English, Ming Tsai, Lydia Shire, Susan Regis, Jody Adams, Ken Oringer, Jasper White, Gordon Hamersley, Michael Schlow, Anthony Ambrose, Stan Frankenthaler, Barbara Lynch, Chris Schlesinger, Christopher Myers, Christopher Spinazzola and Jonathon Alsop; also farmers, fishers, foragers and many other famed fixtures of the New England food scene.

After success with Food New England, Roberto went on to create “This Amazing House,” about high-end residential architecture and design from the Hamptons to Nantucket Sound; and “PossLTR,” a top-rated Special about dating after divorce. Taking a break from TV, Roberto began experimenting on the web, including creating “FoodNinjas” and “Kitchen Music”, racking up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views. His vision is to develop Food New England and then roll out other regional food channels across the USA.

This new Food New England is interactive, social-media friendly and much more inclusive. Video Production Staff, crew & facilities: